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Starter Kit: New to Graduate School

Starter Kit: New to Graduate School

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Being a graduate student can be overwhelming. And for those faculty members who mentor grad students, offering the best advice can be difficult because of how much the experience is changing. This collection of essays aims to help both groups. It provides tips and lessons that Ph.D. students need – and that grad-student advisers can borrow. It includes:

• The six lessons that help doctoral students in their first year
• What’s the usual advice grad students receive that should be ignored
• How to overcome imposter syndrome
• Tips on how to manage, defend, and revise the dissertation
• How to work with an adviser – and when to get a new one
• Why thinking about the job market needs to start early

Get the Starter Kit to navigate grad school for yourself or your students.

Date: July 26, 2018
Pages: 40
Digital file size: 1.1 MB

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