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Idea Lab: Cultivating Academic Leaders

Idea Lab: Cultivating Academic Leaders

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Higher education is arguably facing more complex challenges than ever before, and the responsibilities of today’s leaders seem to be continually increasing. Faculty members, deans, and department chairs have taken on added responsibilities. But how do you ask even more of those who already do so much? How can you inspire a new cohort of academic leaders for tomorrow’s challenges?

This collection of articles and essays provides guidance on preparing and prepping academic leaders. It offers advice on how to get professors to embrace administrative duties and how to get administrators to become campus decision makers.

Get this Idea Lab to learn:

  • What training is needed for those in expanded roles
  • How to design organizational structures that engage professors
  • What deans wish they’d known, and how to prepare those newly appointed for the role
  • Strategies for inspiring academic managers to initiate campus transformations

Date: March 2019
Pages: 28
Digital file size: 3.33 MB

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