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Idea Lab: Student Safety Net

Idea Lab: Student Safety Net

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In recent years, higher education has ramped up services for students from low-income backgrounds. While that support often focuses on tuition assistance and academic aid, it can also mean providing a safety net: emergency cash grants, a place to sleep, and food.

This collection of Chronicle articles focuses on how colleges help undergraduates who are homeless or face other tough situations that can disrupt their learning. While the services vary, the goal is the same: make sure these students feel welcomed, are supported, and have their most basic needs met as they strive for a degree.

It includes:

  • Ways to keep under-served and at-risk students on track
  • How to help students navigate public benefits
  • Tips to help students make the jump from foster care to freshman year
  • First-hand accounts from current and formerly homeless undergrads

Date: March 2019

Pages: 40

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