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Strategies for Today’s Legal Threats

Strategies for Today’s Legal Threats

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Formerly titled: The New Risk Management

What college leaders should know about risk management

Risk management in higher education has become an increasingly high-stakes enterprise in recent years. Think of it as a three-dimensional chess game — three stacked playing boards, separate but intricately related. 

This Chronicle report explores these layers of legal and financial vulnerability and examines key tactics that lawyers and risk-management consultants recommend for minimizing and managing liabilities. The report is designed to help readers put various kinds of risk in perspective and offers ways to think about developing a strategy that aligns with their institutions’ priorities, missions, and identities.  

You'll get insight into:

  • Non-Pandemic Risks - Colleges had plenty of legal concerns on their plates before the pandemic hit. Among them: data security, sexual misconduct, free speech, downsizing, affirmative action, and more. 
  • Pandemic-Related Risks - Amid a wave of class-action lawsuits demanding refunds of tuition and fees, many colleges are scrutinizing their contractual relationships with students. 
  • The Federal-Policy Pendulum - American political polarization spurs policy swings that make college leaders dizzy. That tumult affects Title IX, the Clery Act, and other policies. 

Date: January 2021
Pages: 40
Digital file size: 44 MB

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