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The Innovation Imperative

The Innovation Imperative

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Move beyond the buzzwords and delve into the recent rise of the innovation movement to break barriers and effect meaningful change on your campus.

The demand to innovate has become a rallying cry for leaders eager to push their institutions in new directions, but the very idea can set off a wave of skepticism and backlash. Since the 2000s, and especially in the wake of the Great Recession, innovation is now a currency of its own, a standard by which institutions and presidents are judged and even ranked. But the concept of innovating can be tricky to define, let alone put into action: meaningful change doesn’t come from using buzzwords, adopting new technology, or chasing silver bullets.

This Chronicle report examines the rise and establishment of the innovation movement, barriers to change on campuses, and the necessary elements for meaningful progress. Written by two senior Chronicle writers — Goldie Blumenstyk and Lee Gardner — this in-depth resource also features fifteen campus case studies, from “super innovators” setting the standard to colleges following suit to confront a variety of challenges across academe.

Get the report and gain insight into:

  • Why financial and demographic pressures have given rise to the argument for innovation
  • The context for waves of higher-ed reform movements
  • The barriers to change on campuses
  • The necessary elements for meaningful innovation
  • Why the innovation movement experiences backlash on some campuses

Date: September 2019
Pages: 76
Digital file size: 12.4 MB

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