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The Right Mix of Academic Programs

The Right Mix of Academic Programs

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Making decisions to add, cut, grow, or shrink departments and degrees

Mounting financial pressures and increased competition for students are pushing more colleges to re-evaluate their academic programs. The sometimes sprawling number of programs may not serve the mission, match demand, or make financial sense. But before proposing — or even considering — changes to the academic lineup, campus leaders need to take stock. A strategic review should gauge each program’s importance to the institution, measure student interest, and outcomes, and fully account for revenues and expenses.

This Chronicle issue brief explains how to approach a program audit or prioritization process and where to go from there. Collaboration between the administration and the faculty is key, as is balancing business and academic mind-sets. This brief explores how to cut, adapt, and expand programs, as well as optimize course scheduling. Campus leaders who adjust their mix of offerings can shore up finances while better promoting students’ educational and career opportunities.  

Purchase your copy and learn how to:

  • Set criteria to evaluate academic programs
  • Align offerings with student and labor-market demand
  • Apply accounting principles to understand programs’ profitability
  • Engage the faculty in data-informed decision-making
  • Find efficiencies in course scheduling

Date: September 2019
Pages: 36
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