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Building a Faculty That Flourishes

Building a Faculty That Flourishes

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New strategies for a sustainable, successful professoriate

Colleges and universities cannot be successful without vibrant and engaged faculties. They’re instrumental to the student experience and drive the research that can set an institution apart. Yet college budgets are tight, traditions of tenure and academic freedom are under increasing scrutiny, and professors are burned out. 

Now is the time to figure out sustainable ways to recruit, support, and diversify the faculty. This in-depth report will examine the current state of play, challenges facing the professoriate, and new workforce models that have emerged.

Purchase this report to:

  • Understand what led to the current faculty-workforce model and why it puts colleges at a disadvantage.
  • Discover where administrators and faculty members agree about necessary reforms.
  • Learn why some experts think academic freedom may not require tenure.
  • Learn how innovative colleges are changing their workforce model to support faculty and improve retention.
  • Find new ways to evaluate and reward excellent teaching.
  • Learn how to attract and retain the diverse faculty that is associated with student success.

Date: May 2022
Pages: 66
Digital file size: 3.3 MB

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