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The Trends Report, 2021

The Trends Report, 2021

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Covid-19 has upended everyone’s plans and reshaped the higher-education landscape in ways that we continue to try to make sense of. The disruptions felt across the economy -- not least by students and their families -- have amplified trends we described in 2020, among them the rise of oddsmaking on colleges’ survival and the scramble to attract and enroll students. 

The pandemic has also accelerated other changes: more monitoring of student behavior, reductions in faculty and staff numbers, demands to reform graduate training. As if a global health crisis weren’t enough, social and political upheaval over the past year has also buffeted colleges and universities.

Leaders need to move from performing triage to considering the long view. When the pandemic has passed, what will higher education look like? This report on five key trends, with expert analysis, data, and case studies, will help you answer that question and make strategic decisions for a future in which your institution can not only survive, but grow. 

Date: February 2021
Pages: 68
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