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Idea Lab: Student Diversity

Idea Lab: Student Diversity

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Colleges are doing more to make sure Hispanic, black, and other minority students feel welcomed on campus. They are also finding new ways to promote discussion about race between these groups and white students.

This collection of Chronicle articles examines how colleges are approaching diversity training, how to assess the racial climate on campus, and what to do in response to a racist incident. It includes:

  • How to approach diversity training and discussions about race
  • Strategies for establishing a diversity agenda
  • Using assessments and data to understand your racial climate
  • Ways to make sure diversity efforts don’t put students into “silos”
  • How to respond to a racist incident on campus
  • Making discipline effective when a student spews hate
  • How Elon U. builds student inclusivity 
    Date: October 16, 2018
    Pages: 32
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