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Leadership Insights: Racial Inclusion

Leadership Insights: Racial Inclusion

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Higher education has for decades grappled with the legacy of American racism and sought to be more inclusive of both students and professors of color; many argue it has a long way to go.

This selection of Chronicle articles and essays aims to help college leaders understand the experiences of minority members on campus, the opportunities to build dialogue and diversity, and the historical context for current debates.
In addition, the articles and essays are accompanied by key takeaways for readers and lists of questions they should consider to improve their college or university.

Topics in this booklet include:

  • What does it take to fundamentally reform your faculty-searches?
  • How to make diversity training work
  • A close look at the personal experiences of black students and professors
  • How the U. of Oklahoma responded to a high-profile, racist incident
  • Ways to prepare for “diversity fatigue”
  • How a campus can facilitate those tough conversations about racial divides
  • Insights into making admissions and access more equitable
  • What higher ed’s history tells us about today’s diversity challenges

Buy the booklet today to help bridge racial divides and foster an inclusive culture on your campus.

Date: October 22, 2018
Pages: 68
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