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The Future of Campus Safety

The Future of Campus Safety

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Managing risk, promoting welfare

Colleges can’t foresee and avoid every possible safety concern, and the particular challenges they face have evolved and will continue to change. Yet students, parents, faculty, and staff are demanding colleges do more to keep campuses safe from violence. Institutions are expanding and diversifying mental-health offerings to strengthen the safety net designed to catch people on the edge. And advocates are demanding that colleges concentrate more on the root causes of sexual assault and on intervening before the violence is committed.

This report will help you understand the landscape of campus safety, and will delve into strategies colleges are employing to counter threats to well-being. Through expert insights, case studies of colleges that have found success with new techniques, and advice for applying strategies at your own college, this report will empower you to create a safer campus.

Purchase this report to:

  • Learn how effective threat assessment can make a campus — and the areas around a campus — more safe.
  • Understand how expanded mental-health offerings strengthen the safety net designed to catch people on the edge.
  • Explore how colleges are creating substance-free communities and other programming for students who don’t want to use substances or want to stop.
  • Learn how advocates are asking colleges to concentrate more on identifying the root causes of sexual assault, and intervening early.

    Date: December 2023
    Pages: 72
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