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Leadership Insights: Innovation

Leadership Insights: Innovation

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Higher education is filled with talk of innovation these days. But what does true academic innovation look like? And how can trustees, presidents, provosts, deans, and other administrators foster it on campus?

This Chronicle collection points the way. It includes case studies of efforts by private and public colleges to rethink traditional teaching; bold ideas to revamp the core curriculum and research enterprise; and a profile of Michael Crow, the president of Arizona State University, a leader considered to be one of the most innovative – and controversial – today.

In addition, the articles and essays are accompanied by key takeaways for readers and lists of questions they should consider to improve their college or university.

Other topics in the booklet include:

  • A profile of the academic “skunkworks” Georgetown University set up to reinvent itself
  • How racial and ethnic diversity benefits an innovative culture
  • What academic-innovation centers do to change how professors teach
  • How studying the business world can help develop fresh ideas
  • What training college leaders require to be more creative
  • The role design thinking can play in remaking colleges
  • Why innovation doesn’t – and may be shouldn’t -- need to be big, splashy changes
  • Why presidents need to better mind the bottom line when trying new approaches

Buy the booklet today to help build an innovative culture on your campus.

Date: May 30, 2018
Pages: 56
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