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Campus Spaces, 2018

Campus Spaces, 2018

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Most colleges are always in the midst of planning, building, renovating, or maintaining an infrastructure project. This special issue examines how campus buildings and grounds help colleges do their jobs — or, in some cases, get in the way.

A well-designed space can improve interaction between a college’s students and its faculty members. It can give first-generation students a place to congregate and a taste of home. And it can help a rapidly expanding university serve a growing student body without having to choose between function and aesthetics.

With a focus on “flexibility for the future,” this special report also examines some practical questions colleges are facing today. Do faculty members really need private offices? Can “P3s” — public-private partnerships — offer a viable way to build more efficiently? Is modular construction an option? (It worked for Harvard.)

To understand how smart facilities-planning can advance your institutional mission, purchase your copy of Campus Spaces today.

Date: May 6, 2018
Pages: 40
Digital file size: 7.9 MB

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