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Leadership Insights: Managing a Crisis

Leadership Insights: Managing a Crisis

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It’s inevitable. During your time as a college president, provost or dean, you will have to handle a crisis. It could be a small one that affects only the campus and internal politics. Or it could be a public controversy that turns into a media storm. Either way, you need to be prepared. This article collection includes examples of how colleges should, and shouldn’t, deal with a crisis.

It includes:

  • How to prepare for controversial campus speakers
  • What to do when undergraduates make demands for change
  • How to mitigate a social media firestorm
  • Ways to respond to a racist incident on campus
  • How to move a college forward after a scandal
  • Tips on crisis communications
  • How to mend fences with faculty after a public fight

Buy this article collection today be ready for the next crisis.

    Date: December 2018
    Pages: 58
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