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The New Generation of Students

The New Generation of Students

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How Colleges Can Recruit, Teach, and Serve Gen Z: Meet the new generation of students, understand their influences and needs, and prepare to educate this diverse cohort. 

For the last decade and a half, many colleges have catered to millennials, but they are no longer the traditional undergraduates. Gen Z has arrived on campuses just as four-year residential institutions, in particular, are competing for a declining number of high-school graduates. Planning for this transition means rethinking strategies and priorities to create an effective educational experience for Gen Z. 

This Chronicle report draws on demographic trends, surveys, front-line observations, and an expanding array of Gen Z books and experts to introduce the new generation to campus leaders. Details are still emerging, but Gen Z — shaped by the Great Recession and the reign of the smartphone and social media — marks a break from even the recent past. Today’s students are more skeptical and money conscious, interested in an education they can apply and focused on the value of a degree. Technology is indispensable to them but not always a net positive, and they may need more in the way of personal development than their predecessors did.

Get your copy of the report to identify the mind-sets and motivations of Gen Zers and orient your efforts to recruit, teach, and serve them. 

Gain insights into:

  • Marketing messages and channels that appeal to today’s students
  • Gen Z’s preferred mix of face-to-face, virtual, and experiential learning
  • How to integrate services like career development into the student experience 
  • What kind of campus programming will best engage this cohort 

Date: September 2018
Pages: 48
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