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A Toolbox for Deans

A Toolbox for Deans

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Essential advice for academic leaders

The job of a dean is complex and challenging, requiring the ability to listen as well as lead, advocate as well as compromise.

Deans must navigate between the faculty and the administration, and find a balance between their institution’s academic mission and its fiscal reality. Yet training and mentorship are often hard to come by. Emerging leaders — and even experienced ones — frequently find they need to piece together resources to determine their professional values and develop their skills independently.

This collection of articles from The Chronicle includes advice from veteran deans, leadership coaches, and higher-ed consultants to help deans tackle pressing leadership challenges and manage the many demands of their roles.

Section 1: What to Consider Before Taking on the Role
Section 2: Navigating the Transition
Section 3: Lessons to Live By
Section 4: Management Tools & Tips

Date: February 2024
Pages: 68
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