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Revitalizing Campus Jobs

Revitalizing Campus Jobs

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Academic work is losing its luster. Here's how colleges can help.

Academics are stressed out, and some of them aren’t going to take it anymore. Pandemic-related job demands layered over budget cuts, political pressures, and public skepticism toward higher education are taking a toll. A special Chronicle collection, "Burned Out and Overburdened," highlighted the problems faculty members faced in the pandemic's first year, but morale appears to have further deteriorated for professors and administrators alike.

While colleges aren’t exactly experiencing the “big quit,” as the national job exodus that began during the pandemic has been labeled, once-sacred academic work is losing its luster. As the authors of the collection's opening essay write: “Faculty members, as unhappy as many of them are, are largely staying put. What has changed is how they approach their jobs.” The collection includes many of The Chronicle’s best and latest reads on declining morale in the academic workplace — and how colleges can improve it.

Section 1: The Academy Under Stress
Section 2: To Stay or to Go? 4 Personal Stories
Section 3: Bolstering the Academic Worksplace

Date: April 2022
Pages: 80
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