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Academic Freedom Now

Academic Freedom Now

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Why colleges should be worried

Academic freedom is a perennial topic in American higher education. But it’s especially fraught now, as norms are drawn from the First Amendment and the nation’s unusually expressive culture interact in complex ways, with new directions of progressive activism and increasing skepticism from conservative media and lawmakers. Academics on the right complain about “wokeness” and “cancel culture,” while those on the left argue that their critics ignore facts and empirical inquiry in the name of free speech.

This collection, anchored by a newly reported introduction that sets the stage, includes many of The Chronicle’s must-read news articles and opinion essays on the topic, and will serve as a valuable tool to navigate this fractious territory.

Section 1: Academic Freedom Now
Section 2: Threats to Academic Freedom and Free Speech
Section 3: Defining and Debating Academic Freedom

Date: May 2021
Pages: 74
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