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Building Tomorrow's Work Force

Building Tomorrow's Work Force

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What employers want you to know.

Colleges striving for “student success” can no longer count just graduation rates; they must demonstrate that graduates are finding jobs in their chosen fields. If they don't, enrollments will fall, public skepticism about higher education will grow, and lawmakers will take note.

To make that college- to career-connection, institutions must understand what employers want. What do they mean when they say, "we're not getting the skills we need?" Do college majors matter? Is the purported movement away from degrees and toward skill-sets really happening?

This report provides insights into employers' views on those questions and more. Rich with data and examples of colleges successfully placing their graduates, it also examines several growing job sectors and the emerging skills needed to work in them. And it explains the gap between what colleges think they're offering and what employers say they're seeing among job candidates.

Purchase this report to learn:

  • What skills are needed in today's expanding fields.
  • Why boot camps and short-term credentials are a threat that can be overcome.
  • How to interpret job-market data when planning programs.
  • How to build relationships with employers and communicate the value of your students' degrees.
  • How to forge deeper connections between academic advising and career services.
  • How to help traditionally underserved students get past barriers in the job market.

Date: September 2022
Pages: 68
Digital file size: 4.5 MB

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