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Career-Ready Education

Career-Ready Education

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Meet the changing demands of the economy and lift students’ prospects over the course of their working lives.

Academic leaders, employers, and economists are constantly debating whether or not there’s a “skills gap.” But all the talk doesn’t necessarily help students who enroll in college aspiring to rewarding careers, employees who want more education to get ahead, or institutions trying to keep up with the future of work. As hiring becomes more skills-based, alternative credentials gain traction, and more jobs go digital, how can the degree remain a reliable signal on the labor market?

This Chronicle report goes beyond the definitions of the skills gap and the accompanying blame game to explore the forces driving change and the challenges ahead. The goal isn’t to turn every institution of higher education into a job-training center, but there’s no shame in adding relevance. College leaders can prepare career-ready graduates — in both liberal-arts and more-specialized programs — without dismantling their educational models or compromising their principles.

Get the report and learn how to:

  • Build effective relationships between employers and colleges
  • Adapt to emerging trends in hiring and credentials
  • Structure academic programs to foster employability
  • Identify barriers to innovation in majors and degrees
  • Evaluate new opportunities for partnerships

Date: April 2019
Pages: 48

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