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Fixing the College Fundraising Crunch

Fixing the College Fundraising Crunch

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Explore the latest trends and strategies to broaden your base of support and achieve long-term prosperity.

Fewer and fewer Americans are opening their wallets to support higher education – a trend with serious long-term consequences for institutions that increasingly rely on private fundraising dollars. Out of concern colleges could soon face a serious money crunch, the Chronicle of Philanthropy and the Chronicle of Higher Education have joined forces to explore potential solutions. 

In this special report, we look at the innovative ways colleges nationwide are tackling this problem. Among other things, they are:

• Shaking up the annual fund, the decades-old workhorse of college fundraising
• Redesigning campaigns to present higher education as the key to solving societal challenges
• Creating new programs to engage the twentysomethings and millennials estranged from their alma maters
• Tapping into the big donors of tomorrow through the courtship of young start-up entrepreneurs

Date: November 2018
Pages: 40
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