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Idea Lab: College Access

Idea Lab: College Access

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Higher-education institutions are working harder today to remove the barriers that prevent students from attending college. While lack of money is often the biggest problem, there are a host of issues, big and small, that can prevent a student from applying or ever setting foot on a campus.  This collection of Chronicle essays and articles examines different ways to overcome those challenges. The booklet includes:

  • Ways to work with high schools to improve access
  • How to help transfer students succeed at four-year institutions
  • What cultural “micro-barriers” first-gen students face
  • How to make sure financial-aid forms and entrance exams aren’t barriers to college
  • What the U.S. military can teach higher ed about working with low-income students

Buy this collection to help improve access to your campus.

Date: June 12, 2018

Pages: 34

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