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Idea Lab: Graduate Education

Idea Lab: Graduate Education

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Graduate schools are under increasing pressure to change. They need to be better at enrolling underrepresented minorities. They need to train doctoral students so they are prepared for jobs outside of academe. And they need to find ways to shorten how long it takes to earn a Ph.D., especially in the humanities.
To help deans, department chairs, and faculty members overcome these challenges, The Chronicle has collected articles and essays from Idea Lab, our section on how colleges solve problems. The collection includes:

• How to teach doctoral students to teach
• Curricular changes that help Ph.D.’s pursue non-academic careers
• Mentoring that keeps minority grad students on track
• How one university diversified a discipline
• What universities do to reduce the time it takes to earn a degree

Get Idea Lab: Graduate Education to improve your programs and help your Ph.D. students.

Date: Aug. 10, 2018
Pages: 44
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