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Idea Lab: Student Mental Health

Idea Lab: Student Mental Health

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Student demand for counseling continues to increase, leaving many colleges’ mental-health services stretched to capacity. Editors at The Chronicle have pull together articles and essays on how to bolster this assistance and better serve undergraduates and graduate students. It includes:

  • New strategies to proactively help students with anxiety and depression before they become serious problems
  • How community colleges are developing low-cost, and effective, approaches
  • A case study on how one college is using teletherapy
  • How to protect the public health after a student suicide
  • Ways to help foreign students, whose mental-health issues can often be overlooked by colleges
  • What works to ease the pressure on doctoral and master’s students

Get this Idea Lab package to help more students on your campus.

Date: May 15, 2018
Pages: 19
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