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Peer Institutions

Peer Institutions

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This data includes the self-selected and Ipeds-selected peer institutions for over 1,400 four-year colleges. When submitting its annual Ipeds survey, institutions are given the option to submit a list of institutions as a custom comparison group to receive customized data on their data feedback report. If no institutions are given, the National Center for Education Statistics defines its own groups to use for this report.

Our data includes over 1,000 institutions who submitted these custom lists as well as the comparison groups that Ipeds creates. For each institution, the data includes information such as enrollment numbers, admission rates, and graduation rates at both the institution level and aggregated by an institution’s peers. It also includes counts like how many peers were selected, how many peers selected it, and how many peers were mutually selected.

Purchase the data and begin to:

  • See how many peers and mutual peers an institution has.
  • See which institutions were selected the most and the least.
  • Compare an institutions custom peers to its Ipeds-defined peers.
  • Compare two similar institutions to see how their peers compare and differ.

Download Sample Data

2022: Updated May 2024
Data files: 1
File size: 575 kB

2021: Updated May 2023
Data files: 1
File size: 1.03 MB

2020: Updated April 2023
Data files: 1
File size: 1.03 MB

2020-2021: Updated May 2023
Data files: 2
File size: 2.04 MB

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