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Reforming Gen Ed

Reforming Gen Ed

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Strategies for Success on Your Campus: Get this special report for key insights into what you need to know before rethinking your college’s core courses.

Colleges can let years go by before taking a fresh look at their general-education programs. When they do, disagreements over vision or turf battles often arise among departments, making the task difficult and time-consuming. But a thorough, well-planned program is essential to preparing today's students for an increasingly complex world.

The Chronicle issue brief, Reforming Gen Ed, is designed to guide you through a revamp of your college's general education program. It explores what is driving colleges to reform their core, key elements of a 21st-century curriculum, the challenges likely to emerge, and guidance on how to transition from ideas to implementation.

Get a copy of the report to hear from colleges that have recently been through a redesign of their gen-ed programs and from experts who discuss the best approaches to the process.
Learn how to:

  • Assess your institution's readiness and expectations for gen-ed reform
  • Set appropriate goals and get buy-in from key roles and departments
  • Develop the right strategy for your campus
  • Identify potential obstacles and conflict that may surface during the gen-ed reform process

For more lessons about curricular reform, please consider purchasing our archival collection, Preparing Students for a Complex World, which includes key Chronicle articles and essays about gen ed.

    Date: November 2018
    Pages: 32
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