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Reimagining the Student Experience

Reimagining the Student Experience

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How colleges can help students connect, belong, and engage.

Many colleges are rethinking and reshaping what has broadly become known as the student experience. The goal is to make students’ time on campus more engaging, more worthwhile, and more successful – while also helping colleges’ own bottom lines. As more colleges have emphasized student success and tried to raise graduation and retention rates, it has become apparent that academic success goes hand in hand with many aspects of students' lives.

This Chronicle report explores the many forces affecting the student experience: the projected enrollment cliff, demands from parents and lawmakers, the changing student demographics, and new expectations from the racial-justice movements. The pandemic highlighted what mattered most about the campus experience and college leaders are looking for changes and innovations that are likely to last. 

Purchase this report to learn:

  • How colleges are making their first contacts with prospective students more meaningful, by reaching out in creative ways, simplifying the financial-aid process, and holding fun welcome events.
  • Why it’s so important that students feel they belong, with tips on how colleges can build a relationship-rich environment that will benefit both students and faculty members.
  • How encouraging connections among students may help colleges maintain enrollment and attract a more-diverse student body.
  • How faculty members can make class time more engaging, and what types of support they need from administrators.
  • How college leaders are working to eliminate equity gaps by addressing students’ basic needs and making their campuses more inclusive places. 

    Date: August 2022
    Pages: 72
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