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Building Students' Resilience

Building Students' Resilience

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Strategies to support their mental health

Colleges were already under pressure to meet students' mental-health needs and the Covid-19 pandemic has made the situation more dire. Counseling-center directors and other clinicians who work with students are seeing a significant increase in anxiety, depression, and behavioral disorders. Less-visible problems with attention, executive function, and stress management are also having an impact on students' academic performance. Experts also see encouraging signs of resilience, but warn that milder problems can worsen if left unattended. College leaders need to understand the challenges and know-how, and when to intervene.

This report offers a sense of the scale of students’ mental-health challenges, good news about what many colleges are already doing right, and guidance for how your staff and faculty can best support resilience and well-being.

Read this report to:

  • Recognize the early signs of distress and learn how to offer help to students in need.
  • Find out why counselors are burned out and the obstacles to recruiting new ones.
  • Understand the growing role of tele-mental-health services and apps, and whether and how to incorporate them into your overall student wellness and success plans.
  • Learn lessons about orientation and transition from a college that serves neurodiverse students.
  • Help your faculty members understand the impact of the pandemic on student attention spans, and how to support their academic success.
  • Learn how to foster positivity and help students manage their emotional struggles.

Date: November 2021
Pages: 62
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