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Sustaining the College Business Model

Sustaining the College Business Model

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How to Shore Up Institutions Now and Reinvent Them for the Future: Understand the market forces bearing down on colleges, identify the internal challenges that hold them back, and explore strategies and innovations to move forward.

Pressures on institutions have mounted in recent decades. Rising labor costs, falling public funding, suppressed tuition revenue, and demographic changes are straining the college business model. In a competitive environment, the difference between struggling and prospering often comes down to the vision and will of campus leaders. Now is the time to find efficiencies and consider major transformations to meet the demands of the future.

This Chronicle report examines sprawl in programs and facilities that many colleges can no longer afford. Case studies profile 11 institutions that are finding additional revenue through new pipelines of students, streamlining operations to control spiraling costs, consolidating to combine efforts, and revolutionizing what they offer.   

Get your copy of the report to prepare to grapple with costs and revenues in detail – and to leverage both tradition and innovation to pivot in new directions.

Gain insights into:

  • Effective cost tracking to set institutional priorities
  • Methods to bolster tuition revenue
  • How to streamline operations and cultivate a business mind-set
  • Weighing collaboration and mergers to generate new opportunities
  • How to make a transformative change and reinvent your institution


    Date: August 3, 2018
    Pages: 68
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