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The Future of Gen Z

The Future of Gen Z

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How Covid-19 Will Shape Students and Higher Education for the Next Decade

Higher education has experienced demographic droughts and global calamities before, but rarely have both occurred at the same time. At the most basic level, students are worried about their safety and well-being, and hesitant about paying for a residential experience that’s even partly virtual. The pandemic has also had a dramatic psychological effect among Gen Z-ers on the path to college.

Learn how some students are thinking and talking about college in the years ahead. This issue brief by Jeff Selingo expands on the 2018 report, “The New Generation of Students,” by helping campus leaders understand how Covid-19 is likely to shape the preferences of college students in the decade ahead and how institutions will need to respond to the expectations and needs of this generation.

Order your copy to learn:

  • How institutions should support the wellbeing of Gen Z students as they arrive on campus
  • Key changes colleges will need to make to improve the student experience
  • How colleges should market to students whose skepticism toward all institutions is growing
  • Why colleges must step up their programming to meet student expectations for career preparation.

    Date: July 2021
    Pages: 32
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