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The Future of Learning

The Future of Learning

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How Colleges Can Transform the Educational Experience: Explore the latest trends, innovations, and research that could fundamentally alter teaching and learning in the decade ahead.

Widespread concern about stagnant graduation rates, along with the rise of education technology, is pressuring colleges to modernize the teaching and learning experience. The traditional sink-or-swim approach is no longer good enough. Colleges must give all students, regardless of background, a fair shot at success and prepare them for an increasingly sophisticated economy.  

This Chronicle report will show academic leaders how to remove barriers, experiment, and innovate to prepare for the future of learning. Predictive analytics, enhanced advising, core course redesign, immersive learning, adaptive courseware, open educational resources, data ethics, and active learning are just some of the topics covered.

Get your copy of the report to learn how institutions are improving the educational experience and prepare your campus for the future of learning.

Gain insights into:

  • New strategies to ensure student success
  • The latest innovations in teaching and learning
  • How institutions can overcome barriers to innovation and manage change

"The Future of Learning is a comprehensive and contemporary examination of the maturity of digital teaching and learning. This is an invaluable resource from administration to classroom providing new insight into innovation in the education technology practice."

Lou Pugliese
Senior Innovation Fellow
Managing Director, Innovation Action Lab
Arizona State University

For more advice, resources, and tips to support a teaching and learning transformation at your institution, please consider purchasing our report companion, the Future of Learning Guide.

Date: Apr. 19, 2018
Pages: 56
Digital file size: 14 MB

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