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The Looming Enrollment Crisis

The Looming Enrollment Crisis

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Higher education has experienced continued growth since the mid-20th century, but the pool of students likely to attend college is projected to rapidly decrease. States in the Upper Midwest and Northeast, which have the greatest concentration of colleges, will see the biggest declines. Even the most selective institutions should expect and prepare for difficulties in meeting enrollment and revenue goals. Threatened by years of financial strain, a steep downturn in the nation’s birthrate, and growing skepticism about the price and value of a college degree, higher education must address the enrollment declines quickly and effectively, before this complex challenge becomes an existential crisis.

The Chronicle’s report, “The Looming Enrollment Crisis: How Colleges Are Responding to Shifting Demographics and New Student Needs,” traces the turbulent future of enrollment numbers and tuition revenue. This new report examines how colleges can best prepare for continued declines, and offers strategies for how to make the difficult decisions that will ensure the long-term survival and prosperity of academic institutions.

Purchase the report for access to:

  • Data and analysis on the trends and demographic shifts that are impacting enrollment numbers, including the Great Recession, declining birth rates, and a diversifying student population
  • Ten case studies of institutions that are actively combatting declining enrollment numbers by adapting their offerings, redefining their marketing strategy, and cutting costs and tuition.
  • Analysis from enrollment experts on the front lines with advice on how colleges can adapt and respond to emerging student needs
  • A Chronicle survey of more than 250 enrollment officers on their projections and anxieties about the future of higher education

Date: November 2019
Pages: 76
Digital file size: 11.5 MB

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