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The Post-Pandemic College

The Post-Pandemic College

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The coronavirus pandemic has transformed higher education like no other event in recent memory. In a matter of days, colleges closed their campuses and moved classes online, altering every part of the educational experience. As a result of the pandemic and ensuing economic crisis, colleges are facing significant financial losses, as well as a dramatic rethinking of their academic offerings – all amid the threat of a lingering disease and the continuation of virtual class options for students.

In this Chronicle report, leading experts examine how higher education will change in the years to come and what the college of the future may look like. The most responsive colleges — those best prepared to adapt to the teaching approaches of the future — will invest heavily in supporting inclusive and equitable online-learning experiences. To flourish going forward, colleges must develop a more externally-focused business model, direct resources to expand professional development in online teaching, and continue to expand mental-health services.

Purchase the report for insight into:

  • How the pandemic will shape the preferences of a generation of students
  • What the new classroom experience will look like and how professors should prepare
  • How the recent health and economic crises have strained enrollment and could force colleges to rethink their business models
  • How colleges will need to support the growing numbers of disadvantaged students
  • Developing the community college experience, and why community colleges may emerge with a stronger commitment to access and local communities

Date: September 2020
Pages: 60
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