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The Trends Report, 2020

The Trends Report, 2020

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The shifts in higher education we identified in 2019 continue or even accelerate. Think of three of them, in particular: New levels of public mistrust. Momentum behind mega-universities. The return of in loco parentis. All of those factor into the 2020 Trends Report, as colleges deal with what is, for many of them, the most urgent challenge of all: enrolling enough students to stay solvent.

Which institutions will survive, and how can you tell? What is fair and right to do in the scramble for students? When it comes to keeping those students — and faculty members — safe, how can colleges protect due process? What other growing legal risks do colleges face?

This report on five key trends in higher education will help you answer those questions and others. You’ll find expert analysis, insights born of deep reporting, and commentary to spark thinking on your own campus.

Date: February 2020
Pages: 36
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