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Today's Global Campus

Today's Global Campus

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Strategies for reviving international enrollments and study abroad

The pandemic left no part of college life untouched, but for international students and study-abroad programs, its impact was especially far-reaching. The travel restrictions caused international enrollments to plummet and limited study-abroad opportunities for students.

This Chronicle issue brief provides an in-depth look at how colleges are adapting to new realities when their usual means of recruiting students or giving them an international experience is no longer feasible. In some cases, making do has led to thinking big: Colleges have used the pause in travel mobility to rethink and revamp their practices. That might mean helping international students better adapt to U.S. campuses and improving career services for such students. It could also mean finding ways to provide “internationalization at home” — helping American students explore cultural and global diversity in their own communities.

Global perspective will continue to be a critical piece of a 21st-century college education. In a work world where crossing cultures and time zones are often the norms, graduates’ ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues from different backgrounds isn’t just prized; it’s expected.

Purchase this issue brief for insight into:

  • How the travel restrictions, safety concerns, and political shifts affected international enrollment and study-abroad programs
  • What the future of international education looks like, and the challenges institutions should expect
  • Strategies colleges are using to recruit overseas students and internationalize programs at home

Date: March 2021
Pages: 40
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