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Today's Mission Critical Campus Jobs

Today's Mission Critical Campus Jobs

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The roles that are growing in strategic importance

It takes more than a president to run a campus. As the task of operating an institution has grown increasingly complex, so have the jobs of some key, but sometimes overlooked, players. The Chronicle has identified 12 roles of growing importance to the strategic success and overall health of the contemporary institution of higher ed.

Some of these roles are in the C-suite while others appear elsewhere on the organizational chart but have found themselves at the table making decisions with top leaders or managing front-line risks. This report explores how these positions have traditionally functioned, why they've recently grown more essential, and how they're continuing to evolve to help their campuses meet the challenges of the future.

Purchase this report to:

  • Identify campus needs and the jobs that have emerged to address them.
  • Learn about the experience, traits, and skills that people who work in these jobs describe as essential.
  • Understand the underlying tensions and pitfalls that can arise for these jobs.
  • Learn about how colleges have integrated these jobs into their existing staffing structures.
  • Gain insight into the ways that jobs on campus have evolved.

Date: August 2021
Pages: 58
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